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This project grew out of a practice I started after my father died in 2006. I found I was unable to focus on my textile work and was looking for something that didn’t involve stitching so I began to make a daily hand-cut newspaper collage. I am an avid newspaper reader and had been thinking about the importance of photojournalism. Thumbing through a newspaper you cannot help but have an image catch your eye that evokes something within. I grew increasingly concerned that the impact of photojournalism is diminished with the ongoing shift of news consumption from holding the newspaper to viewing a screen. So I began to work with images to create my own “photojournalism” to merge multiple lenses and confront the viewer with uncomfortable realities that cannot be avoided with just one click.

The Daily Resistance: A visual chronicle of the Trump Presidency.

Beginning with the inauguration on January 22, 2017 Monday-Saturday I create a hand-cut collage approximately 5” x 7” from a daily edition of The New York Times. I distill the essence of a dominant theme that emerges from the newspaper as I peruse it. The title is a headline or highlighted text. I follow a set of self imposed rules: I can only use scissors not an exacto knife, I cannot use graphic or illustrated art, I can use text if it is in a photograph, I can use advertising, I must use images from that day only, and I must fill the space. When the collage is finished I write down the names of each photojournalist’s work used on the back and use a rotary cutter to trim the edges, take a photo and post on Instagram.