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Knit the Bridge
Knit the Bridge

Knit the Bridge was a grassroots, community-led arts project that brought the many diverse communities of Pittsburgh and Southwestern Pennsylvania together to create a large-scale, aesthetically stunning, fiberarts installation on the Andy Warhol/7th Street Bridge. The installation was on view from August 12th until September 6th, 2013. Knit the Bridge was the community outreach component of Fiberart International 2013 produced by the Fiberarts Guild of Pittsburgh For more information Knit the Bridge

Clear here to see a video about the project.

Amanda Gross Lead Artist, Penny Mateer co-director, Kitty Spangler Technical Advisor, Norman Beck Technical Advisor

Knit the Bridge would not have been possible without the support of County of Allegheny, and particularly the endorsement of County Executive Rich Fitzgerald and Allegheny County Council. The Andy Warhol Bridge is owned by the County of Allegheny and it is through its generous support, cooperation and approval that we are able to provide this public art project which brings communities together, one bridge at a time.